Together Platform

AI based platform that brings poverty to absolute minimum in only a few years that will cost the government almost nothing

  • Helps in reducing unemployment
  • Makes the below poverty line society participate in the economical development of the country
  • Helps in reducing crime rate
  • Monitor, track and trace the money flow and transactions
  • Builds a prosperous future for the under-poverty line children
  • Does the job of endless number of organizations and research institutes
  • Relieves the government from a big burden

Radcure Platform

Allows Regulatory body to Manage, License & Monitor

  • Licensed facilities
  • Radiation workers
  • Radioisotope location, use, decay and disposal
  • Electronic work flow of applications, reporting, licenses, and import/export permits
  • Radiation Monitoring
  • Radiation Management
  • Accountability
  • Radioisotopes and Equipment Tracking
  • Radiation Workers Tracking
  • Document Digitization
  • Decision Making and Support
  • Geo-mapping
  • Scaling
  • Reduces time, increase security and safety measures
  • Facilitates flexible workflow and forms
  • Track radio-assets


Discover, Share and Learn With the Innovative YouReed Platform

In the digital domain, content is still king. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of marketing noise across conventional social media and search engines makes it almost impossible for users to connect with relevant articles on a consistent basis.

YouReed is an innovative new knowledge-sharing platform that places great content at its very core. This curated platform does away with marketing noise and clutter of other social networks and replaces them with a streamlined interface that promotes engagement above all else.

How It Works

  • Users can set up a YouReed profile within minutes and choose from an extensive list of interests which will be filtered through a proprietary algorithm. The result is a custom content dashboard that will evolve according to each user’s browsing habits.
  • YouReed profiles can also integrate preferences from other platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube to generate more targeted content recommendations.
  • Another key element of YouReed is the intuitive upload tool. Users can leverage this tool to link and post relevant articles from across the Internet to relevant topic categories.
  • Content creators can also upload their own blog posts and articles to gain greater visibility.
  • We have also taken steps to build the YouReed community. Users can comment, like, and pin articles to their personal profiles. Again, the algorithm will use these actions to further personalize your dashboard and increase the relevance of content you receive.
  • All topic sections are curated by a 24/7 moderation team that works to ensure quality and relevance of content.

Educational Systems

Optimize Learning Outcomes at Every Level With Our Integrated Educational Ecosystem

The educational landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace.

Students and parents alike are demanding optimized learning experiences that can guide learners towards their personal goals in a more effective manner, while teachers and administrators are looking to break free from the informational silos that prevent them from delivering on these expectations.

In this new paradigm, the right technology can be a critical enabler.

The EAGLE Mega Sys Platform

At ParaShifTech, we don’t just help our clients transform their digital infrastructure, we give them the tools to lead industry-wide disruptions.

Our cutting-edge Excellence Assurance in Global Learning and Education (EAGLE Mega Sys) platform connects an array of teaching, learning, and administrative solutions that work together to provide a comprehensive overview of every aspect of the educational ecosystem. With these capabilities, users at every level can monitor, customize, and control relevant processes with full awareness of upstream and downstream functions.

Key Features & Benefits

Customizable KPIs and Learning Objectives

Develop tailored metrics to define success across the lower, secondary, and higher education system. Through our platform, you can set ideal performance criteria for grade school teachers, regional school system administrators, university course professors, and departmental heads. We give you the tools to create continuous improvement on your terms.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

The EAGLE Mega Sys platform leverages advanced data analytics to provide detailed real-time reporting on every area of the educational enterprise. From measuring student and teacher performance based on stated KPIs, to determining the effectiveness of specific course curriculums, we give you the insights to make effective decisions that will drive you towards your goals.

Personalized Learning Pathways

Alongside quantitative measures, our platform also includes innovative behavioral analysis tools that can determine the optimal learning techniques and for students based on their feedback, scholastic performance, and stated interest.

This intuitive system can help parents and teachers to identify the specific subjects and specializations that are best-suited to each child’s competencies. In other words, you can create a learning environment where each student is empowered to reach their maximum potential from as early as the first grade.

Instant Communication

Our platform combines 360 degree transparency with two-way feedback so that there is a much deeper level of contextual understanding throughout the ecosystem.

  • Parents can register complaints with administrators, or communicate questions to teachers after monitoring their children’s’ performance over a certain period.
  • Teachers can reach out to individual students and parents through the integrated portal and reference relevant performance metrics, so that these parties have a far clearer picture of the issue at hand.
  • Administrators can survey courses and overall school performances and communicate emerging issues to relevant principals and teachers.
  • Students can interface directly with teachers for more detailed instruction in key subjects and course areas.

Countrywide Transformation

The EAGLE Mega Sys platform is scalable and easy to implement. By placing this platform at the very core of a countrywide education infrastructure, you have the means to create a truly modern learning ecosystem that is guaranteed to deliver better results.

Integrated Solutions

  • EAGLE Universe
  • EAGLE Support
  • EAGLE Assess
  • EAGLE Train
  • EAGLE Curriculum
  • EAGLE SmartLab
  • The EEEs System

EAGLE Mega Sys

EAGLE stands for Excellence Assurance in Global Learning and Education. EAGLE Mega Sys is a Mega System that spans its wings on multi well-adjusted and integrated programs and applications. The main objective of the EAGLE integrated system is to reform the educational processes, procedures, curriculum, environment, standards and tools to empower and equip students and instructors with the appropriate and well-balanced skills, tools, critical thinking, design, creativity and global learning to face the current and all types future challenges with integrated optimal solutions.

The EAGLE Mega Sys is composed of EAGLE Universe, EAGLE Support, EAGLE Assess, EAGLE Curriculum, EAGLE Train and EAGLE SmartLab.


Driving a Paradigm Shift in Higher Education

Across university campuses, institutional leaders are struggling to align student services, administrative processes, and institutional outcomes with the rising expectations of internal and external stakeholders.  One of the biggest challenges in this regard, is meeting the increasingly stringent requirements for national and regional accreditation. Delivering consistently on these compliance standards entails an organization-wide commitment to continuous improvement.

With our Excellence Edge in Education System (EEES), we provide universities with a comprehensive academic management solution that can be used to monitor, manage, and optimize processes for their student body, faculty members, alumni, donors and administrative employees. This end-to-end educational platform provides a range of features that are designed to bring insight, efficiency, and lasting value to even the most complex educational ecosystem.

Why Choose EEES?

EEES was designed in compliance with the ABET Accreditation System Offers a consolidated platform which sources and processes data from several areas including

  • Admissions
  • Course enrolment
  • Integrated learning management systems
  • Course reviews
  • Instructor assessments
  • ABET standards
  • Departmental performance evaluations
  • Course-specific and aggregate student results.
  • Funnels diverse data through a cutting-edge reporting and analytics system. Reports can be visualized in real-time in a 15 different format to enable deeper understanding of key drivers across the organization.
  • These insights can help decision-makers improve service delivery and cut redundancies across a wide range of processes.
  • EEES systems are built with input from a range of experienced higher education administrators, instructors, and standard-setters.
  • Custom dashboards for different stakeholders including students, administrators, instructors, alumni, and board members.
  • User interface is designed for accessibility, navigability and ease-of-use.
  • Benchmarks functional performance against user-defined objectives.
  • Automates and streamlines faculty and administrative workflows.

EEES Features

Course Management Tools

  • Provides an integrated learning environment for all course interactions.
  • Students can register for courses, view required learning materials, track course progress, upload assignments, view grading, and learning objectives.
  • Instructors can mark coursework, assess student performance, distribute assignments and learning materials, provide feedback and make announcements.
  • From a planning perspective, users can leverage EEES to set desired course outcomes with reference to established standards while also setting desired outcomes for each student based on their existing performance data.
  • Maps courses against stated learning objectives and aids in the alignment of learning materials and resources.

Assessment Management Tools

  • Define standard-appropriate KPIs for any course or curriculum.
  • Design and distribute tests, quizzes, and exams from existing templates.
  • Secured platform protects against incidences of fraud, plagiarism, or cheating.
  • Analyze and report on results using LMS integrated grading and performance mapping tools.
  • Link course assignments to course learning objectives
  • Communicate instant results and feedback to students and other relevant parties.

Evaluation Management Tools

  • Evaluate the results of
    • Indirect course assessments (periodic surveys collected before, during and after a course of study)
    • Direct course assessments (culled from actual student course performance mapped against desired learning outcomes.
  • Track student and instructor KPIs in real-time through administrator dashboards.
  • Contrast results against benchmarks and apply evidence to improve curricula and course syllabi.
  • Communicate assessment plans to students, instructors and other stakeholders for more effective implementation.

Instructor Management Tools

  • Instructors can use real-time student performance data to adjust their teaching speed, assessment criteria, and individual learning objectives.
  • Create a consolidated faculty database through which instructors can create and edit their CVs, and related users can search faculty profiles.
  • Faculty can contribute learning resources, materials, and new learning activities to a consolidated intellectual library for students and stakeholders.

Student Management Tools

  • Access archived course syllabi to identify which courses to take prior to the start of the semester.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation of courses with reference to stated learning objectives in the syllabi. Offer proactive feedback to course instructors.
  • Access supporting resources through the intellectual library.
  • Contact concerned departments regarding administrative matters such as loan financing, accommodations, and course scheduling issues.
  • Participate in periodic surveys and offer recommendations for course improvement.

Survey Management Tools

  • Use existing templates to create and schedule periodic surveys for students before, during, and after course completion.
  • Create customized performance assessment surveys for administrators, instructors, and other stakeholders.
  • Create comparative surveys to assess actual outcomes against established course learning objectives, instructor objectives, student objectives, and overall organizational objectives.
  • View patterns and presiding trends in survey data through the EEES analytics dashboard.

Meeting Management Tools

  • Schedule and notify concerned stakeholders about impending meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agenda to facilitate more effective communication.
  • Invited parties can notify other stakeholders of their availability and suggest agenda amendments prior to the meeting.
  • Record all meeting minutes and related decisions and publish them through the EEES so that authorized parties can view proposed changes and prepare themselves to adopt or dispute these implementations.

Report Management Tools

  • Export evaluation results and other reporting in PDF, Excel, and Word formats for easy distribution.
  • Categorize and assign reports based on the data source, period, and courses to which they relate.
  • Authorize users to view reports based on their position in the organizational hierarchy and department.

Designations could include:

  • Admin reports
  • General reports
  • Course reports
  • Instructor reports
  • Board minutes.
  • Survey reports.

EAGLE SmartLab

Create Custom Learning Environments That Engage and Educate

In recent years, modern schooling systems have begun to move from a purely lesson-based approach to teaching, where students are asked to learn and regurgitate facts, to more hands-on learning models.

Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) is one such model.  IBSE offers students the chance to participate in simulations, demonstrations and practical exercises that are designed to improve critical thinking, teamwork, and scenario-based problem-solving skills.

However, the cost of setting up properly secured and equipped laboratory environments to support IBSE curricula serves as a major barrier for adoption across many school districts. Adding to this, the risk of liability from hazardous experiments means that many instructors will shy away from fully embracing the benefits of IBSE.

Our cutting-edge EAGLE SmartLab solution provides STEM-discipline educators with a powerful resource for planning, building, and executing highly interactive IBSE lessons that are safe, cost-effective, and extremely engaging.

How It Works

  • The course instructor can pick from an ever-evolving list of experiment templates based on the nature of the course. EAGLE SmartLab provides interactive learning environments for biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, physics, statistics and math.
  • We’ve used gamification to increase student engagement. All experiments are broken down into 6 difficulty levels with the most basic level offering a step-by-step guide to the inputs and outputs of the exercise. As students progress through the levels, they will be able to build on this fundamental understanding and reason through even complex scenarios that relate to the original problem.
  • EAGLE SmartLab also includes sophisticated mathematical modeling and visualization tools that can help students to record, measure, and align experimental data with their hypotheses. All reports can be immediately shared with class members and the instructor themselves through the EAGLE interface.
  • Students and instructors can also change experiment parameters and adjust testable variables to investigate results under a range of different scenarios.
  • Some experiments allow students to interact directly with different items. This allows learners to understand lab best practices in a digital environment. Students can also reverse all experiments to trace the origination of particular impacts and gain a deeper understanding of the reactions at work.

How You Benefit

  • Accessibility – Students can access learning resources through any connected device both during and after school hours from their EAGLE Universe profile.
  • Flexibility – Students can repeat and adjust experiments without any restriction of resources or time constraints. All results are communicated immediately to teachers, who can provide both on-site and remote feedback when required.
  • Cutting-edge equipment – Students can learn how to effectively utilize high-precision devices that would be extremely difficult to find in a physical laboratory.
  • Cost-Effective – No maintenance of procurement costs. The EAGLE Lab system can be set up with the utmost ease, and we work to perform all updates and ongoing maintenance through the cloud.

4 Pi

A Multi-Functional EPM Solution That Will Generate Continuous Improvement Across the Enterprise

As margins tighten and global competition heats up, organizations across every industry are working to optimize their processes, improve service models, and generate greater value from their human and capital resources. Alignment is the key to delivering on these objectives.

Unless day-to-day operational targets are linked directly to long-term corporate strategies, there will always be a gap between C-suite decisions and on-the-ground organizational performance.

FourPi is a best-in-class Enterprise Performance Management system that combines granular reporting on real-time transactional activity with a comprehensive range BI tools. This end-to-end system translates top-down objectives into practical KPIs and metrics for every area of the organization, and measures actual results against these benchmarks. With FourPi in place, users at every level of your hierarchy have the ability to monitor, manage, and improve individual and functional output.

How It Works

    • FourPi integrates leading performance management methodologies such as The Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma.
    • The system works on a hierarchical process wherein C-suite users will establish the overarching organizational goals in terms of
      • Financial objectives.
      • Market objectives.
      • Human resource objectives.
      • Technological objectives.
      • These goals will then be supplemented with more detailed objectives for specific sub-units of the organization. These categorizations can be broken down based on location and function.
      • FourPi will provide a wide array of KPIs for each objective, you can construct a customized dashboard to view organizational and sub-unit performance based on these KPIs.
      • Once relevant business units and systems have been integrated, metrics will be updated in a real-time basis in the form of interactive visualizations.
      • At the employee level, users can access more granular metrics that show their aggregate and periodic contributions to organization, compared to benchmarked KPIs. This real-time view provides your workforce with a greater contextual understanding of their role within the business, and a clear idea of how they can deliver more effectively in their functional area.
      • Alongside customized dashboards, the FourPi system also p produces a diverse array of reports on employee performance, functional performance, and overall performance. These periodic reports offer an aggregate view of the organization, and allow decision-makers to see whether their initiatives are moving business units closer to the company’s objectives. This data can drive more effective decision-making and alignment across the enterprise.

      FourPi Features

      Project Management Tools

      • Create streamlined workflows for teams and individual team members.
      • Set user access limits for managers and employees to ensure that relevant personnel is focused on their responsibilities.
      • Create milestones to track task completion across a project.
      • Archived library of past projects from across the organization.
      • Integrated messaging and file sharing tools to facilitate collaboration between teams and departments.

      Unit Management Tools

      • Integrates with functional systems such as WMS, CRM, and ERP.
      • Allows functional managers to process and view data through the lens of established unit KPIs.
      • These KPIs are used to generate ongoing comparative analyses between organizational units in different territories.
      • Insights can drive effective resource allocation and cost-cutting initiatives.
      • Functional managers can track employee metrics and other unit data over a longer period.

      Organizational Management Tools

      • View aggregate results and compare them to established corporate objectives.
      • Use these insights to create new strategic plans that can be instantly communicated to relevant unit managers in real-time.
      • Generate compliant, accurate, and complete reports on different functions and gain an insight into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
      • Leverage analytics to identify positive and negative trends take corrective action to mitigate risks and leverage emerging opportunities.

      Access Rights and Security Tools

      • Custom interface and dashboards for employees, managers, C-suite executives and external stakeholders.
      • Regular maintenance and ongoing support provided by the ParaShifTech team via the cloud.
      • Access limits set according to credentials and point of entry.

      Meeting Management Tools

      • Schedule and notify concerned stakeholders about impending meetings.
      • Prepare and distribute meeting agenda to facilitate more effective communication.
      • Invited parties can notify other stakeholders of their availability and suggest agenda amendments prior to the meeting.

      Survey Tools

      • Produce and distribute self-assessment surveys for employees and managers to gain valuable insights into workforce engagement and other qualitative metrics.
      • Invite recommendations and suggestions through a consolidated employee reporting portal that directs insights to relevant functional managers.

EAGLE Universe

Execute Effective Educational Strategies With  EAGLE Universe

EAGLE Universe is a multi-functional solution that is designed to augment frontline processes across educational institutions.

This blended software environment provides a consolidated view of the planning, standards, and overall objectives that form the foundation of effective teaching.

Through the consolidated EAGLE Universe dashboard, instructors and administrators can view:

  • Course curriculums.
  • Educational standards and learning objective for specific year groups and courses, broken down into quarterly and annual targets.
  • Real-time reports reporting on student performance gathered from annual and quarterly testing, as well as periodic grade sheets.
  • Overall class performance measured by a variety of metrics and benchmarked against stated targets.

EAGLE Universe also features a front-end interface for parents and students. Instead of relying on manual report cards and intermittent PTA meetings, parents can leverage this portal to gain a direct insight into their child’s scholastic performance.

Facilitates Instant Communication

This frontline solution comes with integrated communications tools that allow users to connect directly with relevant parties across the educational ecosystem.

  • Administrators can identify related instructors for each course/class and use the two-way communications system to provide ongoing feedback and notifications.  Instructors can view and respond to these messages through their accounts.
  • Teachers can communicate disciplinary concerns, poor or exceptional results, and other ongoing issues to concerned parents through the appropriate student profiles. This streamlined system ensures that parents are always kept in the loop about their children’s education.
  • Parents can use the two-way communications system to respond to disciplinary measures and notices. They can also use the system to lodge formal complaints to administrators, or arrange face-to-face meetings with relevant school officials.

Enabling Continuous Improvement

With this combination of real-time reporting and instantaneous communication, stakeholders from across the educational ecosystem can work to achieve optimal outcomes in their roles.

  • Administrators can evaluate instructor performance and curriculum effectiveness and take steps to correct any deviations from stated standards.
  • Instructors can assess their performances against KPIs and make ongoing adjustments to their preparation and teaching. The ability to contact administrators and parents will also help to keep other decision-makers involved in the process and working together towards better learning outcomes.
  • Parents can take proactive measures to align their child’s performance with expectations. They can also address disciplinary problems and any potential concerns about the quality or direction of teaching with relevant teachers and administrators.

EAGLE Support

The Data That Drives Optimal Educational Decision-Making

The advent of learning management systems, standardized testing, and connected instructional technologies has created an overwhelming volume and variety of data in the educational enterprise.  Unfortunately, few teaching organizations currently have the capability to draw insights from these vast pools of data.

Without firm evidence to back up strategic planning, administrators and teachers are left to rely on intuition and experience to guide their decision-making. These unsystematic implementations are difficult to track and can only be measured periodically when the results of standardized assessments are revealed.  The upshot is an education system that is inflexible and largely inefficient.

EAGLE Support is a data-driven educational solution that provides a wealth of targeted intelligence from across the educational ecosystem. Using EAGLE Support, administrators, teachers, and other connected stakeholders can monitor, control, and transform learning processes in real-time with full awareness of the context and impact of their decision-making.

How It Works

EAGLE Support can be customized to process data from a variety of sources including:

  • Attendance records.
  • Curriculum documentation.
  • Classroom sessions.
  • Disciplinary records.
  • Standardized testing systems.
  • Social and informal learning.
  • Individual instructor assessments.
  • Overall school and school district performance.

The solution uses a proprietary API to import data from a variety of industry-leading learning technologies. So it can fit seamlessly into almost any existing data infrastructure.

  • EAGLE Support comes packaged with an array of intuitive processing tools that allow users to filter, categorize and structure imported data with ease.
  • Through the EAGLE Support dashboard, users can visualize key points of data in over 15 formats. From simple bar graphs and charts to trend lines.
  • Users can utilize in-built search tools and customized KPIs to search for trends and correlations in this data e.g. comparing training sessions against learning outcomes over a specified period.
  • They can also build tailored dashboards that deliver comparative reporting on different groups. For example, comparing learning outcomes between two teams of teachers, or evaluating performances of two schools that fall under the same district authority. These reports can allow administrators to optimize courses and jettison ineffective programs.
  • When applied to individual student performance, these analytics can serve a predictive function. With EAGLE Support. teachers can identify learners who are falling behind or in danger of failing their current course altogether. Conversely, these insights can also help teachers to recognize exceptional performers and create tailored learning outcomes for these individuals.
  • Parents can use reporting tools to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their child, and guide their subsequent educational paths accordingly.
  • With the in-built communications system, users can export specific reports and deliver them to other members of the organization instantaneously.

EAGLE Assess

Streamline the Development, Deployment, and Adoption of Learning Standards

Effective standards are the foundation for any successful school curriculum. These targets translate a government or school district’s learning objectives into clear metrics that can be monitored and controlled on an ongoing basis.

EAGLE Assess provides relevant stakeholders with a comprehensive system that can facilitate optimized standard-setting and implementation across educational organizations. This advanced solution allows administrators to decide not only what students learn, but how learning processes are designed, the resources that will be used, and how these experiences will be delivered to students.

As a result, EAGLE Assess can ensure that students are equipped with the skills, characteristics, and knowledge to excel in higher education.

How It Works

  • EAGLE Assess solutions are built from the ground-up by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced educators with an array of subject backgrounds, policy experts, software engineers, strategic consultants, and software developers.
  • This team will work closely with the client during the development of the standards. Their insights can help clients to assess desired educational outcomes in light of socioeconomic factors, political goals, and countrywide planning objectives.
  • These factors will then be further augmented with a wealth of empirical data gathered from the current educational system.  This data will encompass a number of areas including:
    • Student Information –Drop-out rates for schools and specific courses, student-faculty ratios, as well as application and enrolment rates.
    • Curriculum Data –Average subjects per student, completed courses per student, specific and aggregate passing rates, average time taken to complete curriculum.
    • Faculty Data –Classes per teacher, faculty hire and turnover rates, number of faculty per subject or study program, number of faculty per grade, faculty attendance rates.
    • Infrastructure Data – Budget per class, average number of classrooms and classes assigned to a specific subject, average age of infrastructure, classroom use rate.
  • All of these inputs will be consolidated into the centralized EAGE Assess solution.
  • Once the necessary limitations and objectives have been identified, we will build out your customized solution to reflect all of your requirements. EAGLE Assess is flexible and all metrics can be adjusted on an ongoing basis.
  • Although EAGLE Assess can function as standalone standard-setting software, the true value of the solution is unlocked when it is integrated into the larger EAGLE Universe. At this point, the standards will function as core benchmarks for all performance evaluations and ongoing analytics produced by the system.


Developing Internal and External Educators to Deliver On Your Learning Objectives

While an optimized digital infrastructure will help you deliver more effective learning outcomes for students, you still need to ensure that new standards, systems and data-driven strategies are being adopted by the frontline instructors, administrators, students, and parents that they are meant to serve.

Eagle Train is a customized learning solution that is designed to support skills development in both internal and external stakeholders across the educational ecosystem.

EAGLE Train Tool

Embedded Training

This in-classroom tool provides ongoing feedback and coaching to instructors based on pre-set standards and learning objectives.

Key focus areas include:

  • Student grading.
  • Instructional analysis.
  • Subject matter expertise.
  • Curriculum completion.

Evaluator Training

These tools are designed to aid evaluators and supervisors in administering more effective instructor assessments according to pre-set standards.

Key focus areas include:

  • Measuring how closely evaluations are aligned to training tool results.
  • Measuring consistency and reliability of evaluations.
  • Developing evaluator’s understanding of new standards and scoring measures.
  • Develop evaluator’s ability to work independently.

Course- Specific Training

These tools will assess and continuously improve the instructor’s ability to provide teaching in their specific subject area. They have been prepared by a team of experienced educators and curriculum experts from a variety of disciplines.

Key focus areas include:

  • Ongoing testing of key curriculum areas.
  • Assessment of practical skills i.e lab monitoring, research and experimental competencies.
  • Evaluations based on student performance and recommendations for improvement.

Parental Support Training

These tools are specifically tailored to the at-home learning environment. When plugged into the overall EAGLE Universe ecosystem, these tools use student performances and established standards to produce customized training for parents.

Key focus areas include:

  • Recommended learning schedules for specific courses, based on students’ identified strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishing ideal learning outcomes for different curriculums on an ongoing basis.
  • Developing parents to administer effective at-home teaching and support independently.

EAGLE Curriculum

Once the EAGLE standards are developed and implemented, our curriculum development team can work on the curriculum development. The EAGLE Universe can significantly help in the curriculum development and can automatically adjust the education levels according to the developed standards to get well-balanced curriculum contents. The vast experience of our team in curriculum development qualifies us to develop the state-or-the-art standards, curriculum and contents.

System Integration

We have a group of highly qualified engineers providing industrial solutions. We provide services in

  • MCC, Electrical & ControlPanel
  • Scada & Telemetry
  • Contol & Communication Systems
  • Instrumentation Engineering


We build LT control panels for various industrial and commercial applications at our own panel building facility spanning almost 4000Sq. ft. located at Kochi, India.Our team of professionals including engineers and technicians from various trades can support your control system engineering, panel fabrication and commissioning requirements, like:

Preparation of Drawings and Design, Control Panel Manufacturing

Programming, System Configuration FAT, SAT etc.

Erection, Installation and Commissioning Support at site.